Sausage Avocado Subs

Monday I had my kids with me at work.  That was fun.  The rest of the day was spent picking up the house, putting away the groceries, and washing dishes and then we went out for dinner for Abby’s birthday.

Tuesday was a homeschool day.  I made deconstructed breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and then Randy had to leave for work right away.  We did school in a semi-messy kitchen while I tried to do dishes and put Emmalyn down for her nap.  She’s cutting about 2-3 teeth, so the nights have been sleepless and though she’s pretty happy during the day, my patience is thinner than usual.  I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch on Tuesday because I was busy making it for the kids, feeding the baby, cleaning the breakfast/lunch dishes, and putting away the school materials.  That’s how the days seem to go lately.  I’m lucky if I get a bite in anywhere during the day.  Then, after the kids got a quick nap while I made dinner-to-go, it was time for gymnastics.  Abby had to pack her soccer bag.  I brought all three kids to gymnastics and Noah and Emmalyn played while Abby had her class.  Then Randy came and picked her up for soccer practice and took their dinners with them.  Noah had his class while I watched and entertained Emmalyn.  Then the three of us went home and ate our dinner that I made ahead of time.  Abby and Randy came home and Abby took a shower.  Then it was bath time for the younger two while Randy had to go upstairs to our second floor apartment and finish installing the bathroom fixtures.  When he was done, he had to leave for work (his part-time job) and I finished putting the kids to bed.  Then I ordered a new fridge for upstairs, washed more dishes, and worked on homeschool prep and church stuff.  That’s how my week started and how they pretty much go these days.  Are you tired yet?  Me too!

So, “Hi” to you!  Hope your week has gone well!  (Mine hasn’t been all bad–I did have a wonderful Bible study with 2 other moms on Wednesday night and small playgroup Thursday morning.  We made an apple pie today and we’ve been plugging away at school and our Fruit of the Spirit unit which makes me feel good, so there’s that.)  But onto the business of this post…

When we decided to put Abby in soccer this year, we knew we would have to switch gymnastic days from Saturday mornings to another day. Tuesday is the only day they can both take their classes relatively close together.  It means a long afternoon for me, but I’m hoping I can switch them back to Saturday mornings simultaneously when soccer is over.  So I just figured we’d be having a lot of slow-cooker meals on Tuesday nights when we got home from gymnastics.  I was wrong.  I soon found out that Abby’s soccer practice would also be on Tuesday nights, so that meant we’d mostly have to eat dinner on the go.  Hello, sandwiches.  And challenge accepted.  I didn’t want to just make turkey and cheese sandwiches every week, so I’m looking at this as an opportunity to expand my sandwich/sub horizon.  Here’s what I made this week.  Randy texted me from soccer practice and told me the only thing he didn’t like about it was that it was too small. 🙂 Win!

Sausage and Avocado Sub (Okay, so I got the idea from a Real Simple magazine–my long, lost love.  Here’s what I did with it.)

What you’ll need:img_0532

  • Italian sausage (I prefer hot/spicy)
  • avocado
  • feta cheese
  • red cabbage
  • cilantro cream (1 cup plain Greek yogurt, mixed with juice from about 1/2 lime, and chopped cilantro mixed in.  Season with salt and pepper.)
  • sub rolls

I sliced my Italian sausage in half lengthwise and cooked them thoroughly.  Meanwhile, I sliced the sub rolls, and spread the cilantro cream on both sides. (So, I didn’t have any limes.  I used half a lemon instead.  It still tasted great!)

This is me dipping some sausage into my cilantro cream to make sure the flavors actually went well together–they did!  All good…

I sliced up the avocado and cabbage.  When the sausage is done cooking, pile the sausage, cheese, avocado, and cabbage on the prepared sub rolls.  This sandwich is piled high!  But it is so yummy!  Enjoy it while the sausage is still warm, or at least, don’t refrigerate it–it’s much better at room temperature.

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