I love parties!  I especially love hosting parties and small get togethers.  This is great for my children because it ensures that they’ll have fun birthday parties throughout their childhoods!  (That’s the plan, anyway.)

But I’m almost embarrassed to say, that it may not just be birthdays that offer reasons to go all out for a party around here.  One of my favorite themed parties so far was Abby’s “Frozen” party, which was in January of 2015, and it was… just because.  Just because, it’s “Frozen” and we all are or were obsessed with it, even if we publicly claim otherwise.

The other day my husband was asking how old Abby was turning for the “Frozen” party and when I reminded him that it wasn’t actually a birthday party, he told me I was crazy.  That might be true, but I like to think that others benefit from my craziness.  😉  Here are some ideas for themes and cakes from the parties we’ve had so far…

Abby’s “Frozen” Party, January 2015

Abby’s 5th Birthday: Candy Land!  September, 2016

Here are some party cakes I’m particularly proud of:

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