For the love of… family.  My family is the reason I do most of what I do!  This blog is basically the written (and photographed) window into our family’s life as my husband and I focus on loving God, loving each other, loving our children, and teaching them to hold His Word in their hearts.  It also captures our love of food, learning, and adventure.

IMG_9189Randy is my soulmate.  He is the man God hand-picked for me long ago and it couldn’t be more obvious to me (and hopefully others).  He is this family’s stronghold.  He leads our children well and sometimes I think he’s a more patient teacher for them than me.  He keeps us laughing and is always up for an adventure.  I feel more confident as a mother when he is with me (in public or in private) because I know I have his support.

Abigail is our oldest and is super independent.  She’s very smart, opinionated, determined, emotional, and sensitive.  God has big plans for her!  Noah is the second child and only boy between two girls at the moment.  He is goofy and thoughtful and I can’t wait to see how his personality and interests continue to develop.  Emmalyn is our baby.  She LOVES watching her older brother and sister play.  She never laughs as hard at Randy or I as she does for Abby or Noah.  She is the first baby for whom I’m home most of the time.  I worked full-time as a teacher when Abby and Noah were born.  I feel like a different mother for her in some aspects and I’m enjoying learning more about myself as I continue deeper into life as a home-schooling mom and part-time children’s ministry director.  I’m so grateful to have a job that allows me to be with my children so much of the time!


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